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General Resources

We are collecting trustworthy resources for you here, listed in order from most recent additions on.

If there's something else you would like to suggest that we provide here, please let us know with an email to contact@arthritispatient.ca.


Canadian Health and Family

This video explains a bit about rheumatoid arthritis from both doctor and patient perspectives - Dr. Carter Thorne and his patient, Carrie provide information and insight in to their own experiences with rheumatoid arthritis.

The video above was produced with the support of Amgen.

Personalized RA information & updates by Medivizor 


Medivizor is a new and unique service that CAPA has partnered with so that you - our visitors, can receive the best cutting-edge science related to your specific RA situation. Medivizor sifts through the thousands of researchers and clinical trials and brings you directly only those that relate to your situation. To get the best of the service, you must subscribe (free & private). However, if you want to see the type of information you might get, check out their sample library related to RA.



CAPA is proud to support the Access our Medicine Initiative which is aimed at tackling the problem of the rising price of medicines. We look forward to a world where everyone can afford the medicines they need. To help raise awareness of the global problem of access to affordable medicine, the team at Access Our Medicine is collecting signatures on the Declaration for Affordable Medicine at www.accessourmedicine.com.

Access Our Medicine works on behalf of patient communities to raise awareness about the costs of chronic illnesses, rare diseases, and other conditions.  They have shared stories of arthritis patients of all ages struggling with access to affordable medicine whose voices may otherwise go unheard. Let's gather the support of the arthritis community to help them reach 100,000 signatures at www.accessourmedicine.com!




The website provides concise, simple, and non-judgemental summaries of the evidence behind some of the most popular natural health and CAM practices amongst consumers (with more topics to be added in the future). The summaries are based upon the highest-quality peer-reviewed scientific evidence currently available: systematic reviews, randomized controlled clinical trials (RCTs), and clinical guidelines from major medical organizations. The website contains references to hundreds of these sources, so patients can evaluate the evidence for themselves.


This website was started in 2003 and is compiled and updated by Dr. Andy Thompson, a Canadian rheumatologist. The site has a wealth of information about arthritis (all types, medications, etc.) for patients and healthcare professionals.

Canada Revenue Agency

Use the link above to view a very thorough series of CRA-produced videos that explain Tax Measures for Persons with Disabilities.

Backgrounder for Bill C-17 - an Act to amend the Food and Drugs Act 


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