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September 2018 News

CAPA co-hosts New Brunswick Pre-Election Townhall

by: Linda Wilhelm

On July 31, 2018, Save your Skin Foundation and Canadian Arthritis Patient Alliance co-hosted a pre-election town hall in Moncton, New Brunswick (NB). The election campaign is now in full swing with the province voting on September 24, 2018. We were fortunate to have the current NB Minister of Health, Benoit Bourque attend as well as the Leader of the Green Party, David Coon, and both spoke about their perspective on health care and the challenges in the province. Andre Picard, esteemed health journalist from the Globe and Mail was the keynote speaker, outlining some of the issues with health care in Canada, highlighting that other countries spend less money than we do but have better health outcomes. Stephane Robichaud, CEO of The NB Health Council joined via video providing a NB focus.

I spoke about the challenges in accessing health care along with patient advocates from cancer, arthritis and mental health. Long-time patient advocate with extensive health policy expertise Louise Binder talked about some of the National issues affecting NB such as National Pharmacare.  Although included in the report but omitted from the “ask” portion, Linda commented and the Health Minister acknowledged that the province needs to do better on patient engagement in health policy decisions. This was truly a patient-driven event, and the lengthening wait times for total joint replacement surgery and access to mental health and chronic pain treatments were raised by attendees. The town hall was live webcast and the full report on the event can be found on CAPA's website.

Prepare for our Tweet Chat on Pregnancy and Parenting

by: Laurie Proulx

As a Mom of two young children, I know I felt unprepared for the up’s and down’s of pregnancy and a serious, chronic disease like Rheumatoid Arthritis.  To help others not feel as alone as I did in navigating these muddy waters, I started a CAPA project on pregnancy and parenting with arthritis. We developed resources on pregnancy and parenting and advocated for people with arthritis to increase the amount of knowledge around medication use during pregnancy and build models of care that meet the needs of people living with arthritis.

To continue this important dialogue, @CAPA_arthritis is hosting our first-ever Tweet Chat on pregnancy, parenting and arthritis (#arthritisparent). The Tweet chat will be held this Wednesday at 7 p.m. EST and to help you prepare, here is what we’ll be talking about: 

  1. What are the key questions or concerns about pregnancy and arthritis?
  2. What do you wish someone told you about getting pregnant while living with arthritis?
  3. What are the most helpful tips for breastfeeding / nursing your child while living with arthritis?
  4. How does arthritis affect life as a parent?
  5. What is the most helpful life hack you’ve used as a parent with arthritis?
  6. What is still needed to support parents or prospective parents about pregnancy or parenting?  What resources do you recommend?

We are really looking to this conversation and hearing from every one of you on Wednesday.


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