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Plain Language Research Summaries

Studying the Immune and Genetic Mechanisms of JIA and RA (Dr. Daniela Ardelan)

A group of clinician researchers and scientists from the Western University Bone & Joint Institute, Dr. Daniela Ardelean (PI), Dr. Cheryle Seguin and Dr. Janet Pope (Co-PI)  have enrolled the first patients with arthritis into an innovative research project that aims to re-create inflamed joints and tissues from children and adults with inflammatory arthritis. They will generate self-renewing cells called induced pluripotent stem cells from those affected and then guide these cells into becoming inflamed tissues. By modeling juvenile idiopathic and rheumatoid arthritis in laboratory, the team from London, Ontario will be able to better understand the causes of arthritis and screen new individualized therapies for those affected. This multidisciplinary research endeavor is supported by the Western University Bone and Joint Institute, Children’s Health Research Institute, Department of Pediatrics and the Academic Medical Organization of Southwestern Ontario.

Chronic Pain & Physical Activity

People living with pain struggle to meet the public health recommendation of 150+ minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity (PA), and often report pain as a barrier. The goal of the research team from the University of Saskatchewan was to gain a better understanding of pain-related psychological beliefs that might help people living with chronic pain participate in regular PA. They found that pain itself may not be what’s most important to understand to help people be more active. Rather, how people psychologically respond to their pain (e.g., being psychologically flexible, having higher confidence to overcome pain barriers) appears to be very important. These findings are the first of their kind. If the findings are found to be the same in future research, then programs can be developed to help adults with chronic pain be more active.

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