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Resource on Methotrexate

We have developed this resource to help you manage taking methotrexate, an important medication for people who live with different types of arthritis. This resource is based on information from a survey that we conducted last year by asking people who live with arthritis about their own experiences taking methotrexate. We hope that their tips and advice help you deal with this medication as well. The resource has been reviewed by medical professionals (thank you to Drs. Glen Hazlewood & Carter Thorne as well as Ms. Diane Tin and Carolyn Whiskin, for reviewing for us). The Spanish translation of the tool was provided by the Liga Reumatolóxica Galega  (https://www.ligareumatoloxicagalega.es).  

English                                                   French                                                 Spanish

mxt en.JPG      mxt fr.JPG    Mtx Spanish Version.jpg


Resource on Pairing Methotrexate and Biologic Therapy

With healthcare providers, we have developed this resource for you about pairing Methotrexate with biologics. This booklet tells you a bit more about methotrexate, and why it is sometimes used in combination with biologics, and will hopefully help you out. While the title also refers to biologics, it is also a good reference about methotrexate in general. Click on the icons below to access the resources in English, French and Spanish.  The Spanish translation of the tool was provided by the Liga Reumatolóxica Galega (https://www.ligareumatoloxicagalega.es).

English                                                 French                                              Spanish

MTX Eng.jpg     MTX Fr.jpg      Spanish Version of MTX Resource.JPG


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