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We provide a strong voice and concerted effort to promote the social, economic and environmental well being of people living with arthritis. We communicate with all levels of government to make positive changes to health policies. We maintain formal and informal networks, initiate or participate in committees and partnerships with other organizations to better enable us to negotiate on behalf of people living with arthritis - and we talk to our neighbors.

Our operations depend on support from many sources that include organizations, industry, government and individuals who believe in what we do. We thank you all.

Sources of grants and support received by CAPA in the last year include: AbbVie Canada, Amgen Canada, Arthritis Alliance of Canada, The Arthritis Society, Canadian Rheumatology Association, Eli Lilly Canada, Hoffman-La Roche, Janssen Canada, Novartis, Ontario Rheumatology Association, Pfizer Canada, and UCB Pharma.

Additionally, CAPA has also received support in the past from: Canadian Institutes for Health Research, Hoffman-La Roche, Pfizer Canada, Rx&D, Schering Canada, Scleroderma Society, and STA Communications.